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I'm not saying thecryofthewolf doesn't deserve all these awards, but is there any chance that you guys can look at the votes and maybe give the runners up the award since thecryofthewolf won 14 awards? That way the love and all is spread? It just.. really was disappointing to not see some amazing people on the list of winners, and see it taken over in a sense by one person. I'm not saying she doesn't deserve it, but amorra is all about equality and sharing the love...

I’m going to try to be as objective as possible in how I answer this.

I do not think it is fair to any of the winners to ask them to give up the awards that they were given. The winners were chosen by the shippers. Each person was allowed one vote. I did this to keep the Awards as fair as possible.

The point of the awards was to spread the love around the ship. On the point you bring up about equality, the only way that could truly be accomplished is if an award was given to every single person or Amorra work. Every piece of Amorra work deserves love. This ship is full of great people. But, if we would have done that, they’re really wouldn’t have been a point in doing the Awards. You all, as the shippers, nominated and then voted on the people you believed deserved to be given the honor of an Amorra Award. Unfortunately, not everyone was nominated and then not everyone who was nominated was able to win.

Now, the runner ups should be very proud of themselves. Everyone who was nominated should be proud of themselves. They put their blood, sweat, and tears into their work and they deserve to be proud of the accomplishments.

When the nominating process was going on, I made sure to request people be careful about how many times a person or Amorra work was nominated. I did this a few different times, asking people not to spam the nominations.

Thecryofthewolf was nominated several times, however she did not hold the most nominations. There was always the chance that someone could win several awards. It sucks, but that’s how the nominations set it up for voting.

Another reason behind the number of awards is that she is in several different categories. Fan art, fan videos, fan fics, and then the community.

I understand the disappointment. But there were several amazing people/works that didn’t make it to the nominations just as there were several amazing people/works that didn’t win the awards they were nominated for.

The fact of the matter is that the winners were chosen by you, the shippers. You guys voted and this was the result. The only people that had control of those results were the voters.

I think to request that people give up awards simply because they won more awards than other people, doesn’t make sense. And thecryofthewolf isn’t the only person who won more awards than other people. So, to do this, who all would be asked to give up awards? Just thecryofthewolf because she had the most? Or should everyone who won more than 3 or 4 awards also be asked?

The results have already been posted and the winners chosen. If I went back it would complicate things. On both ends. I’m sure the winners wouldn’t mind spreading out the awards but then what about the runner ups? How would they feel about it? And how would the winners decide what awards were given up? What about the runner ups who weren’t given an award simply because the winner chose one award to give up instead of another? 

I don’t have the perfect solution to this. I’m sorry people are upset about the results. When I first decided to do the Awards, I never wanted this to happen. My only hope was giving the ship a boost and just having fun. I apologize for any hurt feelings.

It was brought to my attention that posting the poll results could have caused people to be upset by seeing those numbers. When I posted these, I did not consider that side of it. My intention was to show people that everyone did well in the polls even if they didn’t win. 

If I upset anyone, I am sincerely sorry. I have since taken down the posts and hope that no one was upset by seeing them. 

Thank you to the person who brought this to my attention! And once again thank you to everyone who participated and made the awards such an awesome experience! 

Amorra Award Winners!


Most Original Theme-
The End" by thecryofthewolf

Best Alternate Universe (AU)-
The End" by thecryofthewolf

Best Use of Canon in an Amorra Fic-
The Healing" by HissingSnake

Best Short (drabble, one-shot, ficlet, etc.)-
Tell Me A Story" by Junipernapalm

Ship Favorite/Most Iconic- (Tied)
The Trophy Wife" by Mercy-angel-09
Hidden Inside the Gray" by thecryofthewolf

Best Completed Work-
The Trophy Wife" by Mercy-angel-09

Best Ongoing Work-
The End" by thecryofthewolf

Best Characterization/Most in Character-
Hidden Inside the Gray" by thecryofthewolf

Most Believable Character Development-
The Trophy Wife" by Mercy-angel-09

Most Delectable Smut in an Amorra Fic-
The Trophy Wife" by Mercy-angel-09

Amorra Writers:

Best Overall Collection- 

Ruler of Suspense-

Lord of the Feels-

Smut Master-

Most Impressive Growth

Fan Art:

Ship Favorite/Most Iconic-
Day Two: Illusion" by Mellownoiz

Best Non-Digital-
Amorra" by Howlingmojo

Best Digital-
No Name" by Moni158

Best Photoshopped Image-
You Have Corrupted Me" by Tehslowone

Best Comic- 
Dying… As You Wish" by Utena-sama

Best Fanfic Illustration-
This Is The End" by thecryofthewolf

Most Delectable Smut-
Amorra - He Ate My Heart" by Auroralynne

Best Amorra Crossover-
Chinese Zodiac Amorralok" by freestarisis

Amorra Artists:

Best Overall Collection-

Fan Videos:

Ship Favorite/Most Iconic-
Kiss With a Fist (Amorra)" by thecryofthewolf

Best Use of a Song in an Amorra Video-
Radioactive Amorra" by thecryofthewolf

Best Video Inspired by an Amorra Fic-
This Is The End" by thecryofthewolf


Best Song/Lyric/Poem or Line/Quote in a fic-
Graveyard" by Articulatelycomposed

Best Original Character in an Amorra Work
Loh (from “The End”) by thecryofthewolf


Best Amorra Blog-

Most Dedicated Amorrian-

Highest Converter-

Biggest Supporter-

Ship’s Crew (Community Continued):

Captain/Master of the S.S. Amorra-


Chief Officer/Chief Mate-

Chief Engineer-

Able Seaman-

Ship Medic-

Captain’s Log-

Tomorrow night at 7pm, I will be posting the Amorra Award Winners!

I already have the text post (including links) ready to go. It’s scheduled so there is no chance of it being late. 

I have also taken a screenshot of each category that shows what percentage each nominee received. This way there is no question of winners and such. Those will be posted after the winners are announced. (probably later on in the evening)

I’m trying to put together a little something-something for the winners. I don’t know if I’ll have them finished in time but I’ll post them as soon as I do!

Thanks everyone for understanding why it took a few days for the winners to be announced!

Once again, thank you for voting! We got a great response and I think everyone had a lot of fun!

Did you guys die? :(

No! Not at all!!

I’ve been super busy with work the past couple of days. But I have the next two days off so I’ll be doing the announcements soon. 

I was going to make awards for each winner but that’s 40 awards and I just haven’t had time. I’ll do a little something for the winners but it won’t be personalized. 

Hang in there just a tad bit longer! :D

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