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Say hello to the new crew leaders of the S.S. Amorra!

Thank you to everyone who voted and congratulations to the winners!

Captain/Master of the S.S. Amorra: The person who will lead us into battle or take us under the sea in our submarine when ship wars are raging in the Legend of Korra fandom.
Co-Captain: The person will keep the captain in line when he or she comes up with a really bad idea. The Co-Captain is the person who wears the pants but lets the captain think they’re in charge of the relationship.
Chief Officer/Chief Mate: The third in command so to speak. They’re the shipper that everyone goes to with the latest gossip or to share a drink with when the captain or co-captain is too busy to. 
Chief Engineer: The shipper that is the core of the ship and keeps the ship going even when rough waters are ahead. 
Able Seaman: The shipper who is the easiest going and gets along with all the other shippers but won’t put up with any hate in the tag or any nasty anons that threaten the other shippers. The Able Seaman is a fighter and a lover all in one. 
Ship Medic: The shipper you go to when the feels are just too much for you to handle. This shipper is the person who wraps you in a blanket and hands you a warm cup of tea when it’s 4 am in the morning and you just finished reading the last chapter of the most beautiful and heartbreaking Amorra fic.
Captain’s Log: The shipper you go to for all the headcanons, fic recommendations, latest Amorra news, etc. This shipper knows everything about everyone on the ship. It’s why their log is so big; it’s full of secrets. 

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    I’m very flattered (and surprised!) to be nominated Captain. Wow! Thanks, folks!
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    Reporting for duty motherfuckers.
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  11. bloodbenderamon said: Wtf why am I the medic? That’s the exact opposite of what I do. I’m usually the CAUSE of the feels xDDD
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